Who we are

Genoa Sea Service is not just a shipyard in the port of Genoa, with a 30-year history behind us, but above all with a future to be written; that is why we have been reborn. Reborn with a new spirit, a new organization, with the sea flowing in our veins and the desire to renew an industry that is moving forward more and more in full sail.

We do not want to look to the future, but we want to be part of it.

With our ideas, and our values. 

What we offer

Refit & Repair

We take care of the repair of Motor & Sail yachts up to 24 meters, all-around. Hauling and launching, sanding, teak deck, are just some of the operations we can do to make it feel good, YOUR boat. 


Nothing is left to chance; everything is planned and organized down to the smallest detail. 

Therefore, every day we work to improve our productivity and organization to get the job done accurately. 


We are a united, proven, interchangeable team. Expertise alone is not enough; we also need affinity, compactness. 

It needs that ingredient that is not transcribed in the manuals. 

That is, passion.


In the heart of the Port of Genoa

A stone's throw from the Genoa Fair

Some of our services

  • Logistics (hauling, launching, power washing)
  • Multi-coat live opera sanding
  • Carpentry
  • Hydraulics and mechanics
  • Thorough washings

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