Our services


Where it all begins

It all starts from there, from logistics. By the time a boat arrives, the team will be ready for any hauling, miscellaneous, hydro-washing, transfers and whatnot.

Living work 

Taking care of the boat

Once the logistics are done, we move on to sanding the live work, which is essential to remove dog teeth and osmosis bubbles. 


Creativity and manpower

There is really everything here; from sealing to teak decks, many achievements to improve the boat in every way.


Besenzoni & Williams

Our mechanics are a valuable asset; not only for in-house work, but also for providing certified service on Besenzoni and Williams products. 


Managing Directors

Everything comes through the office. Planning, organization, method; we coordinate everything so that your experience is as positive as possible.

Genoa Yachts


It is becoming increasingly rare, but more importantly, it is growing tremendously. Thanks to the support of Genoa Yachts, we offer assistance for something that is indispensable.